Hotel Review - Inn at the Peachtrees, Atlanta GA 3 years ago

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One of the most important rules when traveling is to anticipate and prepare for problems, no matter how sure you are that the arrangements you've made are perfect. I'm known for selecting some affordable, though often less-than-perfect hotels when I travel on my own. I take them with a sense of humor. As long as they're safe and reasonably clean, I walk away satisfied. However, when traveling for business, I'm able to select some slightly more upscale business-class properties that tend to be much more consistent and clean. When I selected the Best Western Plus Inn at the Peachtrees in Atlanta, the property held an excellent 4-star TripAdvisor review average. It's a 2.5-star hotel (Hampton Inn/Fairfield class), and the photos looked beautiful. All my instincts from years of travel said that this was a no-brainer, and that the stay would be fine. I never imagined that it would spiral into the worst hotel stay of my life.

About a month before my stay, the property dropped the Best Western brand, becoming the independent "Inn at the Peachtrees". This is a big red flag, but the recent reviews still seemed fine so I didn't change my reservation. Upon arriving, I was so confident that the place would be adequate that I glossed over a bunch of issues during my initial room video/inspection. When I started noticing more cleanliness issues and requested a new room, things turned shockingly bad. I'll let the video tell the rest of the story.

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